Do you need help in the area of HR?
You don’t know what’s profitable and what’s not, but you don’t have time for mistakes?
Does planning your personal processes keep you awake at night?

Ask for HR support!

The model involves cooperation with a selected consultant – he becomes part of your company, shares his knowledge, observes and supports your employees. If necessary, he conducts trainings, helps to resolve conflicts, and also helps to describe and plan the personnel strategy. And all this is closely related to your business, bearing in mind to protect the company’s interests.



you no longer have to worry about when and who to hire. We will help you plan your personnel strategy!

Company analysis from the personnel side

our consultant, during observations and interviews, will examine not only the motivation of employees, but also their competences

Better hit recruitments

thanks to our presence in the company, we recognize the needs and help build a better teamed team!


you do not need to hire a full-time specialist!

We work on an hourly basis and use every minute of every hour

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