Are you looking for specialists, experts or maybe managers?

Imagine the following situation:

Your favorite Headhunter has just sent you 3 reports with candidates tailored to your and the hiring manager’s requirements!

And for this, you only needed a detailed conversation with Headhunter and setting the
exact requirements for the position! Not much, right?

How much time will you save?
A few hours or maybe a few days?

This is the most important value in cooperation with our company.


We want to provide you with exceptional people who will take up key positions for you. In this way, we will protect your company’s interests.

What exactly are we doing?

We operate using Direct Search method, which consists in reaching people with the desired experience, skills or knowledge.

We analyze your business environment, take into account the potential and specificity of the market and industry, and there we look for specialists who meet your needs.

The basis of headhunting is thorough and creative sourcing, and we are masters at it!

Direct Search includes:

We support you on the personal and business level - what more could you want?
What do you gain by working with us?


finally, you can catch up with your daily work without compromising your relationship with candidates


you will focus on the best ones; you don’t have to look at hundreds of CVs anymore


if the candidate fails – we will look for a new one at no additional cost on your side


we check your competition and examine the attractiveness of your offer for candidates

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